“Art enables me to release my emotions and leave them on the canvas”

Victor Edwards

Victor Edwards is a contemporary English artist currently living in Worcestershire, England which has provided the perfect backdrop for traditional landscape painting, the core of his drawings and paintings.

Working sensitively and from the heart, Victor uses his art as a means of expressing his feelings and emotions. Fluid and sympathetic in his interpretation of subject and use of media, his paintings provide a full breadth of subject, value and emphasis.

Whilst widely travelled he has been heavily inspired by his long associations with the coastline of Cornwall, the skyline of North Norfolk and the historic values of Italy.

Having evolved his own impressionistic style in seeking out mood and quality of subject, his main influences have been the watercolours of Edward Wesson for their simplicity, the impressionistic style of Edward Seago and Philip Jamison for his self expression.

Both a studio and en plein air artist, he paints with a variety of mediums – oils, watercolours, pastels, charcoal as well as mixed media.

A Friend of The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, Victor has exhibited at The Friends Annual Exhibition, also at local exhibitions in and around Worcestershire.